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Honor Your Seasons

As the year comes to a close, I find myself in a reflective place looking back over the past twelve months of challenges, triumphs, questions and answers. 

Looking deeper than just the past twelve months, I see someone who didn’t know how to slow down. Someone who kept pushing until exhaustion forced otherwise. I wasn’t in touch with my mind or body and I ran myself ragged.

With practice I learned how to give myself permission to slow down. I’ve learned to listen to what my body needs and make a conscious effort to listen completely. Sometimes I mess up and that’s ok. I just keep trying my best. 

Yet something was still missing. 

And then I realized it;  I wasn’t honoring the seasons. 

I’ve always enjoyed the changes of each passing season although I probably  did little more than adapt my recreational activities to fit the weather. While I noticed the world around me with a sense of wonder and appreciation, I wasn’t fully immersed in each season and was unable to honor the lessons. 

Nature adapts to meet the changes of the season. This is what I was missing. 

Instead of fighting the darkness and slowness of winter, I began embracing it. I allowed myself to rest and recharge the way trees and plants do. I slowed down and looked inside, allowing more time to reflect and give space for growth and renewal. 

As we wind down this year, I think more about how I can best honor the seasons. How can I be more in tune with the ebb and flow of the world instead of resisting it?

How could I honor the darkness and use it as a time for reflection and growth? How can I find more ways to rest and recharge in the way winter intended me to? 

Honor the season.

Honor yourself. 

Let energy fill you and guide you.

Happy New Year!

Be well,


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