Laura's Journey To Yoga

My first yoga experiences were in a college elective class. I signed up because I thought yoga was just stretching and naps. 

I knew absolutely nothing about yoga and I never felt fit or flexible. I felt out of place and figured I just didn't belong. 

Yoga was reintroduced to me years later when I started distance running. This time I used it as a way to work out when I needed a rest day (instead of ACTUALLY resting). Once again my tight, inflexible body made me feel unwelcome and unworthy. I had no idea what the Sanskrit or English asana (pose) names meant. I felt like a fool and spent most of my time gawking around the room to see what others were doing. I copied their movements, gasped for air, struggled through each shape and left each class defeated.  I even felt humiliated when a teacher adjusted me in a way that my body did not want to move. 

I figured that yoga just wasn’t meant for a body like mine so I walked away again. 

Several years later I found slower, gentler classes that comforted me. I found that these practices helped calm my stressed out mind as a physician assistant and helped me manage the challenges of past trauma and anxiety.


I learned how to make yoga fit me instead of trying to force myself into fitness or flexibility focused classes that didn’t serve me and instead made me feel unworthy. 


I committed to a more regular personal practice and loved how I felt. I decided to become a yoga teacher so that I could share my personal journey and the knowledge I acquired. As meditation became an integrated part of my life, I completed a mindfulness and meditation teacher training and deep study program. 

I have found that these practices help my mobility, balance and physical well-being. They have also given me power over my own anxiety and stress, helped me navigate the difficulties of life and allow me to have more power over my traumatized nervous system.  

Life is hard. We need to take the time to care for ourselves, recharge and reset our nervous system. We not only deserve it, we NEED it. 

There is so much to the practice of yoga and I continue to add to my knowledge every day. I would love to share that with you as you learn practices that can be used every day. 

Join me & you'll see.