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I had the opportunity to participate in a virtual class with Laura at Approachable Asana and was glad for the chance to get started on my yoga journey.  I am in my mid-60’s with mobility and balance issues with the notion that yoga would be an opportunity to combat that as I get older. 


I travel a good bit and was glad to see the virtual sessions offered and was able to take advantage of them.  The session ideal for me is the Online Gentle Yoga and offers a great introduction to poses and form.  Laura was accommodating to my limitations as a larger woman and very encouraging. 

Meg S.

I really liked the meditation. Such nice ideas. I feel more focused and less hurried.

Megan H.

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Fantastic session. Thank you!

Gail F.

What I appreciate most about Laura as a yoga instructor is her careful attention to detail. She makes every session absolutely personal to her client and has flexibility built into her plan should the client’s body disagree with a particular position.


Laura encourages her clients to always listen to their bodies. Further, she provides exceedingly helpful reading material for each personalized session. Yoga with Laura is a true gift to the self.

Brie M.

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