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Wonder & Delight

Spring has emerged into its full bounty here in Pittsburgh, bringing with it the long awaited colorful blooms, budding trees and sweet scents. I love this time of year as the world awakens with vibrancy after the darkness of winter.

Life emerges. Growth happens. New things arrive.

Spring allows ample opportunities for us to experience wonder and delight in the simplest of ways.

Merriam Webster defines wonder as “a cause of astonishment or admiration; marvel” and delight as “a high degree of gratification or pleasure; joy”.

Wonder and delight give space for curiosity and amazement, allowing that child-like sense of awe to emerge in us.

As adults, we get caught up in our growing sense of responsibilities. We are busy. There are places to get to, obligations to fulfill and lists to check off.

Routine and ritual take over and we lose our sense of wonder and delight.

Why does it matter?

When we take time to pause and notice we begin to appreciate the little things. Wonder and delight give us a sense of happiness from things we might have normally overlooked. We become open, curious and excited about the world around us. We stop taking things for granted, learn new things and see the vastness of the world. These moments can spark interest in new creative endeavors that can add more richness and depth to our lives. These moments leave us wanting to learn, do and examine rather than just exist. This gives space for more being and less doing.

Chirping birds. Unfurling new leaves. The sweet scent of lilacs. Sunrises and sunsets. Various shades of green. Bees buzzing in brightly colored flowers.

The possibilities are endless and unique to each of us. Sharing these moments with others can foster closeness and connection which enhances our well being.

When you begin to cultivate your sense of wonder and delight, you allow yourself to break free from repetitive tasks and mundane everyday life. Not only can this improve your overall happiness, but it can spark that curiosity to explore more of the world. You may even learn more about yourself. You sharpen your senses and your mind, learn to think more broadly and expand your own horizons.

These moments of wonder and delight help reduce our own stress and allow us time to refill our own cup. These simple additions to our life can improve our mindset, avoid risk of burnout and help us continue to fulfill our ability to care, show empathy and give to others.

You don’t need hours each day, exotic travel or buckets of money. Begin by slowing down, take a pause and notice the world around you.

Wonder and delight await you.

Take care & be well.


“He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead; his eyes are closed.” – Albert Einstein

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