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The backstory, a birthday & new beginnings

Since I'm about to start another trip around the sun, I figured it was a great time to say hello & welcome you to my first blog post.

I’m so happy to have you here.

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Laura Kustaborder and I’m the human behind Approachable Asana.

My yoga, life and career journey has been a bit like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride or at least it feels like that sometimes.

It’s been messy and imperfect, filled with adventures and challenges, highs and lows. No surprise, right? That’s this thing we call life.

I’m finally taking charge as I launch myself in a direction that is unknown, daunting and wildly different from anything I had imagined.

My last two decades have been spent as a physician assistant. I’ve practiced on a small Pacific island, worked in a Japanese pharmaceutical marketing firm in Tokyo and served as a US Diplomat in Russia and Sierra Leone. Then I moved back to the US where I worked in lung transplant, heart failure and transplant, oncology and multiple surgery services.

In the midst of being a PA-C, I dove back into yoga after an on again/off again practice. I wanted to soak up knowledge, learn how to manage my own anxiety and past trauma and solidify my practice. I started my business without really knowing what I was doing, how or where I would teach, or really what my plan was. I just wanted to casually teach and share what I’d learned.

In May 2021, I left clinical medicine after realizing it was time to close this chapter and focus on holistic wellness through sharing these amazing practices with others on a regular basis.

And here I am.

Living, learning, growing & evolving.

Join me here to discuss health, wellness and mindfulness. I’ll share my successes, failures, tips that work and my personal stumbling blocks. Maybe something will resonate with you as you also strive to have the best life you can.

Be well.


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