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My Journey to Yoga

I was introduced to yoga as a college student and was elated that I could get credit to "stretch and nap on a mat".


Clearly I didn't get it.


I never really felt fit or flexible enough anyway so yoga didn't become a regular part of my life. 


Yoga was reintroduced to me as I started distance running. I treated it as a way to work out when my legs needed a break from running.


Not surprisingly, frustrations again prevailed due to my inflexible body. I also had no clue what the Sanskrit or English asana names meant. I spent my time in classes gawking at and copying others in my own contorted way as I gasped for air. I struggled through each shape and felt defeated.  


I walked away again, frustrated and feeling like yoga just wasn't meant for a body like mine. 


I revisited yoga once again as a way to soothe my aching rock climbing muscles and calm my job related stress. This time I gravitated towards slower, gentler classes which comforted my tight, inflexible muscles. I learned how to make yoga fit me, rather than forcing me to fit the preconceived notions of yoga.


I committed to a more regular personal practice and am now an RYT 200 (registered yoga teacher, 200 hour course). I have also completed a mindfulness and meditation teacher training and deep study program. 


I have learned that there is so much to the practice of yoga and I continue to add to my knowledge every day. I teach in a way that honors the roots of this practice. Props and variations do not equal weakness. Yoga is more than the asana and is available to everyone. 


Join me and surprise yourself.

You are amazing.