Workplace Wellness


Gentle Yoga (30-60 minutes)

A gentle, all levels class utilizing seated, kneeling and standing shapes. Variations will be offered and prop use demonstrated to facilitate a more accessible class. Props are not necessary to enjoy this practice.  

Restorative Yoga (30-60 minutes)

A class designed to allow you to reset and recharge. These classes will use props such as blankets, pillows and blocks to support your body while fully resting into each shape for several minutes. 

Chair Yoga (30 minutes)

An accessible, all levels gentle movement and breath awareness class.   Poses will be taught from a seated position with options to use a chair for support in some standing poses.

Breathe & Notice (15 -30 minutes)

A seated practice exploring various breathing techniques to help settle the mind, gently energize the body and bring balance to the nervous system. Slow seated movements may accompany the breathwork.

Mini Movement Break (15 minutes)

A short, all levels, accessible class designed as a reminder to take movement breaks throughout the day. These classes require no special equipment, can be done anywhere & are perfect for those short on time. 

Classes are available virtually or in-person, each designed for your unique workplace & employees. 

Pricing depends on location, class type and group size. 

Let's talk about how to bring yoga, meditation & mindfulness to your workplace.