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Laura Kustaborder

Holistic wellness for the mind, body and soul


Find Your Vibrance

Self doubt? 

Esteem issues?

Lacking confidence?

Feeling unhappy, stressed or overwhelmed?

Healing from trauma or anxiety?

Looking for ways to find balance and joy?

I am here to help you.  


After two decades as a physician assistant, I found myself exhausted and unhappy in my career and my life. My healing journey through anxiety, PTSD and childhood trauma left me depleted, stuck and lacking confidence. I felt like my internal compass was lost.

I needed to reclaim my life,  so I dug deep and jumped out of my comfort zone. I left my stable job, embraced my holistic passions and shifted my mindset. I'm here to share what I’ve learned and help support your growth and discovery of self.

My passion is for helping others who have experienced depression, anxiety, burnout and trauma on their healing path through the use of reiki, meditation, breathwork and embodying movement practices.

Let me help you find ways to get out of your head and into your body so that you can live fully. 

I am available for private and group sessions, events, workplace wellness programs and speaking engagements.  

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